Pain and Pleasure: Healing Through Queer BDSM 


Saturday August 1st, 2020
6:00pm-7:30pm EST
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With Vee AKA, Electropapi

Vee AKA, Electropapi (They/She Pronouns) was taught from a young age that desire can lead to death. Parental figures always taught them that sexual desire in the Christian perspective could be a path to the underworld in the after life, and the only salvation is in Jesus Christ. Vee always thought growing up- “hm.. if Jesus loves everyone, isn’t he kinda gay?” and “Isn’t God, with all these rules and sins, and the punishment there after, a dom daddy?” These questions guided Vee to a different path. In Vee’s Caribbean-based ancestral healing practices, they realized that salvation can only happen when desire is liberated.  Holiness is liberated queerness. Once one embraces the fear of death and pain, desire through the exploration of kink can be a path to salvation from the white supremacist, cisheteropatriachry, colonial landscape.  In this workshop, Vee explores the crucifixion, ascension, and sainthood of the Black and Indigenous queer trans two spirit body as a sanctuary of desire in kink and bdsm.