Nine Yamamoto-Masson

Is a film a bone

“This film is about the flashbacks and the labour of mourning, about how to do right by the dead, about the battles to reclaim the past and reappropriate the future. It is about the hidden wormholes connecting the different space-times the artist is entangled in. It is about how to live with fire, and its role in midwifing the new world.”

Nine Yamamoto-Masson is a French-Japanese worker, artist, theorist, writer, community organiser, activist, and translator. In academic research, artistic and activist practice, her work analyses the gendered necropolitics of (neo)coloniality with regard to the legacies of European and Japanese colonialism and how they presently manifest as configurations of power and economies of knowledge that exert violence on bodies and futures.
She studies the modes of organisation of networked resistance to system of oppression and the workings of resistant memory challenging hegemonic dominant narratives, focusing on the role of art and inter-diasporic, internationalist, inter-generational solidarities.
She is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam; in 2018 and 2019 she was a visiting researcher-artist at Hiroshima City University.