Death Becomes Us

Saturday July 25th, 2020
Time 3pm EST
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With Karolina Castro

It's never too early to plan for your death. This workshop will inform you on how to take control of your dying process and funeral. Want to make your chosen family or partner responsible for your medical decisions at the event that you can no longer do it yourself? Want to ensure that your correct pronouns and name are used during the funeral? Come through and learn about the legal documents that can ensure your wishes are met! Also, learn about alternative, eco-friendly, and more affordable ways of caring for and disposing of your body.

Karolina (she/they) is a novice death/grief doula, artist, tarot reader, educator, and funeral service student! Her work centers BIPoC, queer, trans/GNC, femme, and working class people. She dreams of being a funeral director and owning her own resting grounds. They hope to make how we relate to, experience and ritualized death more intimate, empowering and beautiful.