Catalina Xavlena

Carcel De Oro

"Carcel De Oro is an experimental sensory poem. The film, shot entirely in Mexico, traverses visions -as dreams and nightmares- of the manifestation of the colonized body, mind and land itself and the escape from this as ritual.(8mm, 5 min 29 seconds)”

Phantasma: Chapter One

Phantasma: Chapter One is both a queer love mythology about a being falling in love with the demon that came to take their life and an exploration on the colonized self and self-destruction as a form of liberation from the colonizer within. The film asks the question--are you able to kill the colonizer with their own weapon? Must you kill yourself (perhaps metaphorically, spiritually, energetically) in order to kill the oppressor within you? This 10 min short is the first chapter in an ongoing series of short films on this theme.(8mm, 9 min 57 seconds)”

A black and white photo of artist Catalina Xavlena whose eyes pierce the camera. O their chest the word Decolonize is written in dotted letters.
Catalina Xavlena is a queer filmmaker, film photographer and writer of afro-indigenous and mixed ethnicities born and raised in Oakland, CA. Catalina works in the surreal and unknown, often engaging with dream realities and the passageways of death in an eternal life scape.Catalina’s work exists to decolonize, reclaim and free.